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(Contouring)Updates on personalized head and neck radiotherapy
Dr. Jillian Tsai/Dr. Wen-Shan Liu劉文山(高雄榮民總醫院)
(Interactive panel)Update on multi-modality management of esophageal cancer
Dr. Albert Koong/Dr. Hui-Ling Yeh葉慧玲(臺中榮民總醫院)
(Challenging cases)Challenging cases in GI cancer
Dr. Albert Koong/Dr. Daniel Chang /Dr. Shao-Lun Lu呂紹綸(臺大新竹分院)
(Interactive panel)Proton radiation: established and evolving indications

Dr. Yen-Lin Chen/Dr. Kan-Hsing Fan范綱行/Dr. Chen-Kan Tseng曾振淦(林口長庚醫院)

(Challenging cases)Updates on high-risk prostate cancer
Dr. Ronald Chen/Dr. Jason Cheng成佳憲(臺大醫院)

(Interactive panel)Controversies in the management of uterine cancer
Dr. Lilie Lin/Dr. Ling-Yu Chen陳苓諭(臺大醫院)

(Challenging cases)Challenging topics in locally advanced breast cancer
Dr. Christine Fang/Dr. Hsin-Hua Lee李欣樺(高雄醫學大學醫院)

(Challenging cases)Difficult cases in GYN cancers
Dr. Lilie Lin/Dr. Yu Jen Chen陳裕仁(馬偕醫院)
(Interactive panel)Cases in GU Cancers
Dr. Ronald Chen/Dr. Wei-Ting Hsueh薛尉廷/Dr. Mu-Hung Tsai蔡牧宏(成功大學醫院)

(Challenging cases)Challenging cases in thoracic Oncology
Dr. Percy Lee/Dr. Feng-Ming Hsu許峯銘(臺大醫院)/Dr. Chun-Chia Wang王俊傑(林口長庚醫院)
(Interactive panel)Interactive head and neck case management session
Dr. Jillian Tsai/Dr. Cheng-Ying Shiau蕭正英(臺中榮民總醫院)/Dr. Fu-Min Fang方富民(高雄長庚醫院)
(Contouring/Challenging cases)Difficult cases/contouring of breast cancer
Dr. Christine Fang/Dr. Chien Hung Chen陳建宏(東港安泰醫院)

(Contouring)Updates on SABR for early stage NSCLC
Dr. Percy Lee

(Contouring)Contouring in sarcomas
Dr. Yen-Lin Chen/Dr. Chia-Chun Wang王嘉儁(臺大醫院)

(Interactive panel)Updates on liver SBRT
Dr. Daniel Chang/Dr. Jason Cheng成佳憲(臺大醫院)